Stell (as told by Sep)

Stell is usually smiling, especially while drinking spicy chai tea. Her ideal days involve learning a new craft - most recently calligraphy and sewing, or throwing clay in her studio while listening to Josh Garrels. She’s kind and gentle and strives to go the extra mile to make someone’s day as often as possible. She’s an aspiring gardener (just don’t ask her how it’s going), loves the farmer’s market, and falls asleep during every movie she tries to watch. 


Sep (as told by Stell)

Sep is driven, passionate, and altruistic at heart. He is completely addicted to podcasts because good stories are his thing, and he loves to tell his own through his photo work.  His storytelling doesn't stop there, and you can often find him retelling his tales of mentoring children in Nepali orphanages, meeting families in the villages of Vietnam, and driving his way around random corners of Eastern Europe. He loves to create photos that evoke emotion and loves to give stories to everyday moments, because that’s what life is made of. He is hardworking and honest, loves morning runs and yard work, and makes a pretty mean batch of pancakes. 


Together we shoot weddings, explore the world around us, and hit every rummage sale we see. We’re all about holding hands, a lot of laughing, and going out of our way to help others. The walls of our home are filled with photographs reminding us of our travels, the influential people who have crossed our path (and continue to do so), and moments in life that may otherwise escape our memories.  That’s why we love shooting photos. Wedding days are no different - so full of joy, so full of excitement, so full of moments, and people, and memories. Huge smiles overtake us when we can deliver pictures to couples and families that remind them of all that happened during their day: that darling flower girl busting a move, the special moment between a bride and her dad right before walking down the isle, the hilarious story the best man told at dinner, and the excitement in the faces of the newly married couple. We’re truly honored to be invited to share in the most important day of a couple’s life and capture real, genuine, honest moments that tell the complete story of their day.