We want you.  The real you.

Our couples see the value in having authentic, organic photographs of their day. They aren’t afraid to blaze their own trail, run with their creativity, and plan a wedding that is totally them. We see a lot of backyard weddings, a lot of personal touches, and a lot of handmade love. We love unique people, unique settings, and people having a ton of fun. If you’re getting married at your grandparent’s farm, we’re interested. If you’re getting married on the coast of Ireland, we’re interested.  As long as you are expressing your love in a way that is totally you, we're interested. 

Our couples also aren't huge on smiling at the camera (although we do take a few minutes to make some keepers for moms and grandparents), awkward poses, or working through shot lists.  We do have some must-get photos, and add to that list anything our couples request, but the majority of our work is determined by your day and is spent capturing the naturally occurring moments between our couples, their families, and their guests. The interactions, the emotions, the love - things that could never be written on a checklist.  It's sharing those stories that remains our primary goal at each wedding we are honored to be a part of.

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